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I found fundamental flaws in my entire belief system. This is what happened next.

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I wrote some anti-mormon lies.

I’ve been accused of spreading anti-mormon lies and propaganda. Oh no! They got me! Guess I’ve been Deceived by Satan. Drank The World’s kool-aid. The serpent beguiled me, as it were. How dare my 60,000 word essay about my experience in the church not promote the message mormonism pushes. Now that I’ve been caught, what’s left to do but write some more? My incomplete list of anti-mormon lies Jesus loves you unconditionally....

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Does Mormonism Encourage Shunning?

While I was a missionary, we were encouraged to participate in a local program with the goal of reactivating people who weren’t coming to church anymore. It was based on 3 Nephi 18:30 (in the Book of Mormon): Nevertheless, ye shall not cast him out from among you, but ye shall minister unto him and shall pray for him unto the Father, in my name; and if it so be that he repenteth and is baptized in my name, then shall ye receive him, and shall minister unto him of my flesh and blood....

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My List of Faith Transition Resources

Faith transitions are hard. You might have spent your whole life believing something just to feel like the rug was pulled out from under you. I’ve put together a great big list of resources that have helped me deconstruct my relationship with mormonism and repair my relationship with family, friends, and myself after leaving. Above all else, you deserve kindness and respect throughout this process. Give yourself space to deal with these hard topics, and please reach out for help if you need it....

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Elemental Epistles Official Release

Welcome to Elemental Epistles. I am excited to announce the official release of this publication, with many exciting things to come. There are a number of ways to view/access Elemental Epistles: Preferred: Read it in sections on this website Read it in one long page on this website Download a printable (letter size) PDF Download an ebook (A5) PDF Coming Soon (within 5 days): Get it for Kindle (free) Get a paperback or hardcover version Thank you for visiting and checking out this resource....

February 16, 2024 · 1-minute read ·  By Landon Taylor