I’ve been accused of spreading anti-mormon lies and propaganda.

Oh no! They got me! Guess I’ve been Deceived by Satan. Drank The World’s kool-aid. The serpent beguiled me, as it were. How dare my 60,000 word essay about my experience in the church not promote the message mormonism pushes.

Now that I’ve been caught, what’s left to do but write some more?

My incomplete list of anti-mormon lies

But seriously

I made this list to highlight some of the cognitive dissonance I experienced in the church. Of course, religion can lend itself to dialectical (nuanced) thinking. There are some occasions when, as it were, both things can be true. The church can help millions of people at the same time it seriously hurts millions of people. But when sentiments in core beliefs directly contradict each other, it’s hard to imagine a perfect, loving God compiling mormon doctrine.

Can you think of any more anti-mormon propaganda to add to the list? I’d love to discuss it, perhaps on Mastodon – @mossbiscuits@mastodon.social.